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Instead of installing the toolchain manually, we are provided with a docker configuration, so we can use that!

Initializing the docker instance

  1. Ensure that your machine has access to docker and docker-compose. On Windows, make sure Docker is running
  2. Ensure you are in the root directory, with the docker folder.
  3. Run the following command to set up the container in detached mode.
         docker-compose up -d

You now have the docker container running in the background!

Compiling for the first time

Let's compile this firmware and get an idea of what that process looks like!


You will need Python installed for access to packages required by the assets build scripts

  1. In the root directory, install Python packages required by assets build scripts by running

    pip3 install -r scripts/requirements.txt 
  2. Begin building by running the following command:

       docker-compose exec dev ./fbt

    In the end, your output should look something like this:

          BIN     build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.bin
    Building compilation database build/f7-firmware-D/compile_commands.json
    DFU build/f7-firmware-D/firmware.dfu
    2022-07-09 09:05:21,711 [INFO] Firmware binaries can be found at:

Your .dfu to flash is now located in dist/f7-D/flipper-z-{target}-full-{suffix}.dfu


For more information on the flipper build tool, see firmware documentation: