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Software Diagram

Before getting into any programming, I think it's important to get a quick glance at some of the terms you'll be encountering.

Flipper Software Diagram

  • Services
    • Not seen by the end-user.
    • Programs and headers to assist in the process of writing applications
    • Provides interface with common features, such as storage, notifications, gui, etc.
    • These will be explored in more depth in another chapter.
  • Applications
    • Seen by the end-user
    • Includes plugins
    • Examples: Wav player, infrared, tetris, everything in the applications menu
  • Furi
    • Originally stood for "Flipper Universal Registry Implementation", but has lost its meaning.
      • Now "officially" just a shortening of フリッパー, furippa, as per Aleksandr Kutuzov.
    • Responsible for OS and HAL abstraction layers. Also extra primitives for concurrent programming, etc